Home Remedies For Hiccups


Hiccups are among the most irritating natural reflex actions. It is as a result of any irritation caused in the diaphragm muscles. Other causes could be spices, stomach problems, excitements, eating too fast or kidney disorders. In case you want to treat hiccups at home, you can use home ingredients that are always available.

Remedy hiccups at home using the following items


When having hiccups, you are advised to take a teaspoon of sugar. Hold the sugar in your mouth for a minute allowing it to dissolve. Chew the sugar and swallow slowly. The excess sweetness in your body will profoundly reduce hiccups.

Cardamom powder

This powder is known to ease hiccups quickly. You boil a teaspoon of cardamom powder in a one-half cup of water. Let the concoction cool and drink the filtrate.It helps relax the diaphragm muscle by flushing out excess alcohol in your system.


Ginger is known to control nausea and relieve digestive diseases. It will also work to cure unceasing hiccups and provide instant relief. Peel and cut portions of ginger then chew. You may also mix it with lemon juice should you not be able to deal with its sharp taste.


Drinking a glass of water is the simplest but the best to relieve hiccups. Swallowing water will ease diaphragm muscle and hence help solve hiccups. In the case of severe hiccups take 3-4 glasses of cold water.

Breathing in a paper bag

Amongst the oldest tricks to relieve hiccups is breathing in and out of a paper bag. It works on the concept that when you breathe in and out of the paper bag, you increase the amount of carbon dioxide taken in your body. This results in stopping hiccups and concentrating on expelling carbon dioxide.

Asafoetida powder

Asafoetida is an agent strong enough to ease diaphragm muscle. To use this, mix a full teaspoon of this powder in a tablespoon of butter and take in. It will work fast and quickly relieve hiccups.


Ice helps to jolt digestive tract hence relieving hiccups instantly. You can drop ice cubes into a glass of water and drink. You also opt to wrap ice cubes in a cloth and apply on your neck.


Yogurt will help relhgjfghfjghmfnmgbvnnbnbnieve hiccups. Add a tablespoon of salt to a cup of yogurt then mix well to form a mixture. Take the mixture slowly. To relieve you from the continuous jerks, use a few spoons of the mix.

Hiccups irritate a lot, and home remedies will work quickly to relieve this feeling. Try them out to get rid of hiccups.