Liver Cleansing


The liver is a very vital organ in the human body responsible for immunity, metabolism, and nutrient storage. It regulates blood composition and removal of harmful toxins from the blood. Moreover the liver stores vitamins, glucose, and iron. Cleansing the liver is an important activity that needs to be done regularly.

Top foods that cleanse the liver


This is a powerful root food that can be used to cleanse your liver. Beetroot contains beta-carotene and flavonoids that stimulate and enhance the functioning of the liver. They also naturally purify your blood. Beetroot can be consumed fresh or in juice. It may also be used in vegetable salads. You should make it part of your daily diet.


Avocado is a fruit rich in glutathione which is useful to keep the liver off toxins. It also contains vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients which will support the health of the liver by breaking down fats. The unsaturated fat content in avocado reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. This will make you liver function well. Eat avocado or take it blended in juice.


Grapefruit contains glutathione, vitamin C, antioxidants, and pectin. This makes grape a natural cleansing agent and neutralizes radicals that will help detoxify your liver. It also has elements of flavonoid that breaks down fat. Can be eaten whole or as a drink when squeezed grapefruit.


Garlic helps with activating enzymes of the liver thus clearing toxins. It has selenium and allicin that aid liver cleansing and prevents toxic damage. Garlic also reduces cholesterol levels which would hamper the liver’s functioning. Use fresh garlic cloves in your food or take supplements of garlic.

Green tea

Drinking tea daily flushes out fat deposits and toxins from the body and increase the level of hydration. Tea contains catechins which stimulate lipid catabolism in your liver thereby preventing fat accumulation. Tea also prevents the liver from damages that can be caused by substances like alcohol. It also helps in preventing liver disease.


ghfgjjkhgfdsdghjkhgfhjkApples are rich in pectin which is a fiber that removes toxins and cholesterol from the blood. This way, it prevents the liver from getting overworked. Apples also contain malic which is a natural cleansing nutrient. This removes carcinogenic toxins from your blood. Eating an apple a day or having a glass of fresh apple juice keeps your liver healthy.

All the above foods cleanse the blood, and this helps detoxify and rejuvenate your liver to be in a healthy functioning condition.